Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3rd Grade Jim Dine Heart Plaques

3rd grade artists learned about the life and art of Jim Dine. They looked at the themes of his work and thought about why he chose them. 

We also had a lot of discussion around a slide presentation all about Jim Dine. After this, we created sketches of our own style heart art using shape (2D) in preparation for our 3D (form) clay collage sculpture! We talked about how to ensure that our heart stood out from the background using color schemes and added patterns to sculpture for added interest.

Download Jim Dine Slideshow - Click Here!

We glued popsicle sticks and jewels together for our base and used twiteez wire and beads to create a hanger! We had a blast!

Kindergarten Jim Dine Hearts

Kindergarten artists studied the art of Jim Dine! We looked at the colors, shapes, and textures in his artwork and talked about why he might have created heart art. We then drew our own heart art in time for Valentines's Day and practiced our use of warm and cool colors!

Download Jim Dine Slideshow - Click Here!

Our kindergarten artists had fun thinking about who they were going to give their heart art to for Valentine's day!

Free Art Day!!!

Students look so forward to their well earned Free Art Day! Once classes have gone all the way around on the behavior board, they reach the Free Art Day space!!

The most popular station is Junk Sculpture where students make creations from our "Junk Trunk" (where we save all materials that are spent or otherwise not needed). 

Each table has a different station including, Free Draw, Painting, Junk Sculpture, Card Making, Clay Make don't Take, and one more that changes based on our materials. What fun we have creating and designing with our imaginations!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kindergarten artists use Pattern to get ready for the Easter Bunny!

Kindergarten artists get ready for Easter in their latest project. We talked about using more than just 2 items in our patterns and trying to make longer "1st grade" patterns with at least 4 items in the color pattern! Use then used shapes to help us draw our Easter bunnies! What fun we had!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

3rd Grade Heather Galler Folk Art Snowmen

3rd Grade artists are learning about the contemporary artist Heather Galler who is a folk artist (meaning that she is self-taught!). She loved using lots of patterns and chose topics to paint that were important in her life.

Since we are in the thick of winter and many of us are enjoying making snowmen outside. So, we created this adorable snowmen with watercolor paint, sticks, twine, glitter, and even pine cones!

Learning Goals:
Students will learn about the life and art of Heather Galler
Students will be able to retell what a folk artist is
Students will practice with tying a knot
Students will use various patterns in their snowmen
Students will design a unique snowman with it's own personality

Download Heather Galler Slide Show: Click Here!

2nd Grade Native American Totem Poles

2nd Grade artists added to their knowledge of Native American Art and Culture when they looked at why certain tribes make Totem Poles, how they create them, and what significance they have/had. We discussed a totem pole slide show, sketched some totem pole ideas, read a fiction book about totem poles (Called "Totem Tale"), and created our own 3D Form totem poles.

Download Native American Overview Slide Show Here

Download Native American Totem Pole Slide Show Here

Learning Goals:
Students will be able to discuss why Native Americans used Totem Poles
Students will sketch multiple ideas for a totem pole of their own
Students will create their own totem pole