Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3rd Grade Matisse Names

3rd grade artists are studying the life and work of Henri Matisse. In his cut paper style, we created our own names! We "drew with scissors!" just like Matisse.

Kindergarten Zoophonics Books

Kindergarten artists are beginning their Zoophonics books! They are going to be their own illustrators for their book of Zoophonics characters! Each page of the book is devoted to one letter animal that they draw and color.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

4th grade Square 1 Art!

4th grade artists are finishing up their projects for Square 1 art! The program that uses kids' art to put onto various gift items like mugs, T-shirts, iPhone cases, and many other fun things!

Monday, October 8, 2012

1st Grade Lorax

1st graders are thinking about the types of professions that someone could be if they were to become an artist. We discussed fashion designer, fine artist, architect and an entertainment designer. We looked at the book and movie of the Lorax and thought about how the artist had to think through every visual part of each scene. We created our own Loraxes using pipe cleaners, markers, paint, tissue paper and oil pastels!

5th grade Guitars - Industrial Design

5th grade artists are busy learning about the numerous career paths that art can lead us down such as: industrial design, graphic design, photography, fashion design, architecture, illustrator, entertainment designer, fine artist, museum director, art teacher..... and many more. We looked more specifically at some of the products that have been designed by industrial designers as well as the process that an industrial designer goes through to create his/her work. We designed our own guitars, considered our color schemes, and also thought about how to make the background look like you could "hear" what that guitar might sound like if it were played!

2nd Grade Clay Spiders

2nd graders are busy with their lesson on form with a review of neutral colors. They are creating spider candles with clay, paint, pipe cleaners, googley eyes, and a tea candle. This is a tried and true 2nd grade project.... one that many of the older kids claim as one of their favorites!

2nd Grade Suns and Moons for Square 1 Art

3rd grade artists are busy creating their artworks for the Program called "Square 1 art"... a program that takes kids' artwork and prints it onto various gift items like mugs, bags, jewelry, water bottles, T-shirts, etc. We reviewed cartooning faces, patterns, and warm/cool colors.

Monday, October 1, 2012

4th grade Heather Galler Folk Art Landscapes

4th grade artists are learning about the contemporary artist Heather Galler, Folk Art, and Landscapes. We created our own landscapes in the patterned style of Galler. We also considered our use of color and thought about how to create line, shape and color patterns.

Kindergarten Caterpillars!

Kindergarten artists have been introduced to the art room and are having fun with art by way of books, songs, puppets and of course art materials!! We have had a great time reading Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar  book and then used the caterpillar as inspiration for our artwork. Our artists used shape, lines,  and patterns to create these wonderful hungry caterpillars!