Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fifth grade op art

5th grade artists learned about Op Art. They learned about how sometimes it is meant to be an optical illusion and sometimes it is just meant to confuse or jangle the eyes using pattern and lines! We also talked about how artists use materials in their environment, sometimes even junk to incorporate into their work. We used old CDs to create part of their art on. We tried to make the CD stand out from the background visually and actually by wadding up paper and glueing it under the CD to make it pop out. 


Learning Goals:
I can describe and identify Op Art.
I can use a ruler to create my own Op Art.
I can make my CD stand out visually as well as actually. 

Second grade landscapes

2nd graders looked at the way artists use foreground, middle ground, and background to create depth in their work. We used these new skills to create landscapes of our own!

Learning Goals:
I can describe what a landscape is
I can point out foreground, middle ground, and background in a landscape.
I can create a landscape.

Kindergarten shape and texture corduroy bears

Kindergarten artists are learning about how artists create texture in their work. We looked at the way that the illustrator of the book, "Courduroy" made the bear look furry. We used shapes to draw our own bears inspired by this illustrator and made them look like they had texture too! 

After creating texture bears, we created our own 3D versions of our bears with clay!

Learning Goals:
I can create texture.
I can describe the difference between an author and an illustrator.
I can use shapes to draw a bear.
I can create a 3D bear with polymer clay