Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Free Art Day!!!

Students look so forward to their well earned Free Art Day! Once classes have gone all the way around on the behavior board, they reach the Free Art Day space!!

The most popular station is Junk Sculpture where students make creations from our "Junk Trunk" (where we save all materials that are spent or otherwise not needed). 

Each table has a different station including, Free Draw, Painting, Junk Sculpture, Card Making, Clay Make don't Take, and one more that changes based on our materials. What fun we have creating and designing with our imaginations!!!


  1. I love this idea and would love to use. Can you tell me more about how oftern they move a space. Is it one space moved per class period or could they move several times in one class? About how often do they earn a free day? Thanks!

    1. Hello! Each class can move 3 spaces per day. One for Listening, one for working quietly, and one for being respectful (to themselves, to others, and their school materials). My kids have about 3 art days per year but I see my kids once every 3 days so it will depend for you on how many spaces are on your board, how frequently you see your kids and how their behavior is. Good luck!

  2. I too use FREE TIME ART CLASSES" as an incentive. I love the idea of the idea of a junk sculpture option.
    thank you for sharing. Have a good year!