Friday, December 16, 2011

3rd grade Egyptian Sistrums

3rd graders studied the art of ancient Egypt. They saw how some Egyptian figures in the art are holding musical instruments. One of these instruments is called a sistrum. It is in the shape of an anhk - the symbol of life. We used cardboard to create the sistrum and pop tabs with beads and wire to make the part of the sistrum that creates the sounds. We had fun shaking our sistrums and listening to that jingle jangle sound!

1st grade Magnetic Art Hangers

1st grade artists created these magnetic artwork hangers using paint sticks, clothespins, magnets and paints. They can be used to hold up papers, artworks and other fun masterpieces!

3rd Grade Magic Carpet Rides

3rd grade artists learned about the art and architecture of the Middle East. They studied the process of creating a Middle Eastern carpet and the designs that are often used. They also looked at the styles of architecture that is traditionally used in this region. We watched a fun movie clip from Aladdin and created our own magic carpet ride!

We even got to watch a short clip of the magic carpet ride in the movie Aladdin!

2nd grade Cartouches

2nd graders learned about ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. They also learned that the pharoah would write his name in a cartouche. It was usually oval/rectangular in shape and had the name inside. Egyptians also used a lot of gold and jewels in their art and artifacts.

5th grade Hundertwasser Fantasy Houses

5th grade artsits studied the art and architecture of Freidrich Hundertwasser. They noticed the way he used organic shapes, interesting colors and no straight lines. He wanted all his building to be unique and incorporated nature into his buildings as well by growing grass and plants on the roofs and letting the trees grow right up through the roofs! He also became famous for his "lollipop trees" - trees that look like lollipops.

Check out the you tube links below to see some of Hundertwasser's work:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1st Grade Hundertwasser Lollipop Trees

1st graders learned about the artwork of Freidrich Hundertwasser. He did many types of landscapes as well as some funky architecture. Our artists noticed the way that he drew his trees - like lollipops!!! The worked on their own lollipop landscapes using overlapping circles. They now know how to make things look like they are close up or far away in space by using the overlapping method and by how far up a thing is on a page.

Kindergarten Reindeers

Kindergarten artists read Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. They worked on finding and using shapes to draw him.