Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2nd Grade Chalk Cityscapes

2nd Graders are studying the art profession of architecture. We looked at many cityscapes and analyzed the shapes of the buildings. We thought about (and viewed) what these cities might look like at sunset and used chalk to create their own cities.

Kindergarten Pinch Pots

This is easily the kindergarten favorite project of the year. FORM is the art element we are studying. We looked at how artists have created pinch pots throughout history in many ways. Some used their fingers to "pinch" pots and some others have used the "wheel" to create ceramic pots. We used the pinch method to create these wonderful little pots! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

1st Grade Color Scheme Owls

First Graders have been studying color schemes and have used lines, patterns and shapes to create these adorable owls! They had to choose from the following list of color schemes to color each owl: warm, cool, primary, or secondary. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3rd grade Entertainment Design Monsters

3rd graders have been studying the art career of entertainment design. We looked at many familiar creative works in popular culture. One that we had fun checking out was the movie "Monsters." We created our own monster designs on toilet papers rolls - another form of "junk art!"

4th grade Native American Weaving

4th Graders have been having a blast weaving! We studied the origin and legend of Native American weaving. using the art element of form, and choosing our colors thoughtfully, we've created pattern in our textiles.

2nd Grade Printmaking Collage

2nd Graders were able to practice their printmaking skills for a second time this year! We used round junk items to create bubbles for the background of our underwater collage. We next used CDs for Fish bodies coved with mode podge and tissue paper.

4th Grade Mary Cassatt Self-Portraits

4th Grade artists studied the art and life of Mary Cassatt. They noticed how she loved to paint people, especially children! We drew our own portraits onto leftover laminating film and glued them to these warm or cool painted abstract designs.

5th Grade Georgia O'keeffe and Native American Textiles

5th graders studied the life and work of Georgia O'keeffe. They learned about how she found beauty in unusual things in nature life bones that had dried in the desert of New Mexico. Our artists practiced with the art element of value to shade their own drawings of skulls. Then we looked at the origin and legend surrounding the craft of weaving in Native American Textiles.

4th-5th Grade Dale Chihuly Sculpture

Last year's 4th graders started this grandiose project that was inspired by Dale Chihuly. They finished it this year with the help of some of the other grades making this truly a collaborative work! Chihuly is a famous glass sculpture artist whose work can even be seen at Frederick Meijer Gardens! We took water bottles (also known as junk!), colored them with permanent marker in either warm or cool colors and then cut them into spirals. After each was cut, kids strung like colors on a string and then tied and taped the strings, assembling them onto our large black pole. When the sunlight comes through the window, it is truly breathtaking! 

3rd Grade Van Gogh Snowmen

3rd Graders have been studying the life and art of Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at Starry Night and noticed the swirly brushstrokes in the sky. Inspired by our snowy weather, we drew snowmen on a windy Van Gogh night!

4th Grade Edgar Degas Figure Drawing

4th graders studies the art and life of Edgar Degas. Degas liked to draw subjects in movement like ballerinas and horses. We studied how to draw people with correct proportions. We then chose a figure in movement with correct proportions, showed blending, value and space, and painted with watercolor. They are all so unique and make a wonderful collection in our hallway!