Thursday, May 16, 2013

1st grade Mother's Day Portraits

1st graders created something special for Mother's Day. A portrait of their Mom! They drew from memory and even used their knowledge of 3D Form to create a clay necklace for her!

Kindergarten Springtime Mural

Kindergarten artists worked collaboratively to create this collage mural! Each student contributed parts to this spring flower garden!

5th grade Aboriginal Rainsticks

5th graders are finishing up their year by going back to Australian art! (We finally collected enough pringles cans to do the project). We looked at Australian dot art and considered how their paintings and rainsticks were used in their aboriginal culture. We then painted a dot painting in a similar style and color scheme, pushed nails through a pringles can, filled it with rice beans and such, then used art paste to mache it all together! We are making music in here!

Kindergarten Piet Mondrian Fish

Kindergarten artists have been studying the abstract art of Piet Mondrian. Specifically, we looked at "Broadway Boogie Woogie" and and fun singing a song about Mondrian! We noticed how his lines go only horizontal and vertical and how he used only primary colors. We drew a fish and then designed him in a Mondrian way!

1st grade 3D From Pigs

1st graders have been studying the art elements that make good art effective. In this project, they looked at how artists use value to make something light or dark. They used crayons to create dark green by pushing hard and light green by pushing lightly. Then, we took note of the differences between form and shape. Form being 3D and Shape only 2D. We had a blast making these little piggies out of model magic. We even mixed our own tint by coloring red marker onto white clay to make pink!

4th Grade Graphic Design Radial Art

4th grade artists have been studying the many many types of professions that they could be when they grow up such as: photographer, fine artist, art teacher, graphic designer, product designer, entertainment designer, fashion designer, and so many more. We looked at how graphic designers use lettering in creative ways. We practiced our own lettering design in this radial art. We took the time to make sure that ours had radial symmetry, and then chose a color scheme for our work.