Monday, November 25, 2013

Kindergarten Snowmen Collage

Kindergarten artists have been studying the art form of collage! They used photographs of their own faces, construction paper, markers, and pipe cleaners to create these fun "me" snowmen!

Friday, November 22, 2013

4th grade Graphic Design and Folk Art Patterned Turkeys!

4th graders reviewed their knowledge of the Folk Artist Heather Galler.  We noticed how she used tons of patterns and simple shapes. We created our own Galler style turkeys (inspired by Thanksgiving) and added pattern while thinking about balance and color theories. Finally, we talked about Graphic Design in the world around us and practiced designing lettering for the words "Give Thanks!"

Kindergarten Mexican Patterned Blankets

Kindergarten artists have been learning about the art and culture of Mexico. They looked at the many colorful patterns and designs in Mexican blankets. Then we used our cutting and glueing skills to cut various kinds of lines and shapes in a pattern for our own blankets!

3rd Grade Mexican Patterned Suns

3rd Graders have been learning about the art and culture of Mexico. We looked at how the Sun has been a prominent subject in their art. They used it in their ancient calendar, in festivals, holidays, home decor, etc. We created our own Mexican suns on circular cardboard and added a metallic face in the center. Last, we used Radial Symmetry to create warm colored patterns in the sun's rays!

1st Grade South American Papagayo Birds!

1st Grade artists have been learning about the art and culture of Mexico and South America! We read the South American legend of Papagayo and then drew and colored these birds!

3rd Grade Frida Kahlo Self Portraits

3rd Grade artists have been learning about the art and culture of Mexico. They learned about one of Mexico's most famous artists - Frida Kahlo! They noticed how she created a lot of self portraits with animals and nature items! We drew our own self-portraits with correct facial proportions. Then, we talked about the art element of Value and created a variety of values in our backgrounds with the green paint in the leaves. Finally, we added nature items like animals, bugs, flowers etc.

1st Grade Rainbow Order Snails - ROY G BIV

1st graders sang the song about our good friend, Mr. ROY G BIV. They learned that his names stands for the color order! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet! We looked at why rainbow is important for color mixing and color families on the color wheel!

3rd Grade Fall Landscapes

3rd grade artists are studying the art genre of landscapes! They noticed how artists use the art element of SPACE by creating a foreground, middle ground, and backgrounds. Artists show where somehting is in space by using overlapping, the size of things, and how high up on the page each item it to show where each item sits. We created our own fall landscapes with foreground, middleground, and background and blended the paint colors for our backgrounds. We then added some collage papers for the trees in our landscapes.

1st Grade Mexican Mariachi Guitars with Warm/Cool Colors

1st grade artists have been learning about the art and culture of Mexico! We listened to some Mariachi bands and practiced our use of warm and cool colors.

Kindergarten artists Piet Mondrain Spiders with Primary Colors!

Kindergarten artists have been learning about primary colors and Piet Mondrian!

Kindergarten Takes a Ride on the Primary Color Train!

Kindergarten artists read a book about Colors which showed how you mix the primary colors to make secondary colors. We also looked at the artist named Piet Mondrian and his artwork called Broadway Boogie Woogie. We noticed how he used only primary colors. We took a ride on the primary color train to his primary color world!

2nd Grade Panchos y Sombreros

2nd graders are studying the traditional fashions of clothing in Mexico! After learning about Mexico, we created some Mexican patterned fashions for ourselves using our own faces!