Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Illustrators

Kindergarten and 1st Grade artists read the book "The Three Little Pigs" and we discussed art professions that they could be if they grew up and wanted to be an artist. One of these jobs is an illustrator for a book! We all were able to become illustrators for the 3 Pigs book and we drew our own little pigs complete with patterns and expressions!

2nd Grade Castle Architecture

2nd grade artists are studying the art career of architecture. We heard the story of Neuschwanstein castle in Germany and how it was designed and built, and even how the Disney castle was modeled after it! We then designed our own castles with patterns and the Disney fireworks behind just like in the movies!

1st Grade Movement and Line Bugs

1st Grade artists read the book, "The Straight Line Wonder." We looked at the way the illustrator used lines to show the direction that something had already moved, where someone was looking, and to show mood. We were inspired by springtime and drew bugs using line to show their flight path! Then in the frames, we used various types of lines to decorate our beautiful artworks.

3rd Grade Picasso Portraits

3rd Grade artists studied the art of Pablo Picasso in the genre of portraits! After sketching some portraits of side and front view faces and reading a book about his life, we used cardboard, clay and various materials to create our own unique portraits! 

3rd Grade Birdcages

3rd graders practiced their watercolor and oil pastel blending in the backgrounds of their birdcages and in the feathers of their parrots. We read the book "Terrific" about a funny parrot that could talk and created birdcages for them after studying a bit about architecture. Some classes even read the book, "Tiki Tiki Tango."

Kindergarten Rainbow Order Bees

Kindergarten artist sang the song, "Follow the Rainbow" and reviewed Rainbow Order with our beehives! These fancy art bees really know how to create a beautiful beehive! :)

Kindergarten Shape and Texture Sock Monkeys

Kindergarten artists used lines and shapes and letters to draw their favorite sock monkeys! Then we used our favorite texture plates with 2 colors of peeled crayons to create a multicolored textured background! 

Kindergarten Textures and Shapes Fire Trucks

Kindergarten artists used shapes to draw these fun fire trucks! Then we practiced using texture plates to create a textured rubbing bumpy background! 

4th Grade Landscapes

4th grade artists are studying various genres in art such as portraits, still life, landscapes, etc.  After looking at some landscapes, we reviewed foreground, middle ground, and background. We traced our lines with varying thicknesses, made sure to use pattern, think about size and space, use value and blending, and show emphasis somewhere in our artworks with our color schemes.

5th Grade Mexican cacti!

5th graders thought about the vocab word genre and considered the multiple genres that are used in art history. We created out own still lifes with real cacti and drew them making sure to think about the art element of space and overlapping!  We utilized our blending skills and our talents with pattern and balance when designing our patterned pots. 

2nd Grade Architecture Birdhouses

2nd Graders are studying the art profession of architecture. We looked at various architecture types and created our own 3 houses for some little pop out birds. We even practiced our blending in the oil pastel coloring of the birds!