Thursday, March 5, 2015

4th Grade Native American Clay Hide Stories with Pictographs

4th Grade artists had a blast learning about Native American Art and culture. Below is a link to the slide show we used to learn about Native American art in general. We learned about how they used pictographs to write down their stories and how they didn't have paper and paint like we do. Sometimes, they used buffalo hides to draw on (and for many other purposes!). We created our own stretched hides out of model magic clay, painted them with watercolor paint, drew with permanent marker, and colored with markers or crayons using warm and neutral colors.  We made a hanger out of twine, beads and found sticks.

Download Native American Overview Slide Show Here

Learning Goals:
Students will be able to discuss why Native Americans used buffalo hides and pictographs
Students will use pictographs to tell their own story
Students will create their story on a clay "hide"

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