Thursday, March 29, 2012

2nd grade Jim Dine Hearts

2nd graders studied the art of Jim Dine. They noticed how he repeated a shape (especially hearts, tools and robes) over and over and over again, each time giving it different textures and variety. Our artists used repetition and variety to create these Valentine's Day artworks. They used value in one heart, and lots of textures, and patterns in the others.

Kindergarten Primary Colored Trains!

Kindergarten artists are learning about primary and secondary colors. They drew these fantastic trains using many different shapes and then colored them with primary colors. They next used secondary colors for the background to make the train stand out!

Kindergarten Alligator Lunches

Kindergarten artists read the book, "What's for Dinner?" and saw how the illustrator used mouths in the book that actually open! We created our own big alligator mouths and practiced cutting shapes like circles, triangles and fancy fish shapes. We also drew some bumpy texture onto each alligator. Watch out! They bite! :)

2nd grade Candy Houses

2nd graders read the fable of "Hansel and Gretel." They thought about the art career of architecture and got to be the designer of a Candy House like the one in the fable. All of the elements in their candy house design are made of some kind of edible treat! Aren't they creative?

Kindergarten self-portraits

Kindergarten artists have worked hard to learn about self-portraits and have drawn their own portrait after reading the book, "ABC, I like me!" They thought about all the things they like about themselves that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Then they drew each letter and decorated it like a graphic artist would for the frame of their portrait!

3rd grade Flying Birds!

3rd grade artists are getting to use the art element of form to create these 3D flying birds! They used interesting patterns with either primary or secondary colored paint to decorate them, stuffed with with paper towel guts, glued on some feathers, and twisted wire for legs and feet!

5th grade Cartooning

5th grade artists are learning about the art profession of cartooning! They created these cartoon crowds to show that they understand the art element of space by overlapping each unique cartoon person. Each person shows a different personality and emotion!

2nd grade Van Gogh Sunflowers

2nd grade artists studied the art of Vincent Van Gogh. They noticed the unique brushstrokes that he used and how these brushstrokes did not look realistic, showed a sense of movement, and were not blended in the same way as other realistic artists of his time. They also noticed something unusual about color. Van Gogh used warm colors to make things stand out, and cold colors to make things recede (or chill out in the background).  
These artists created painted papers that showed the brushstrokes like Van Gogh and then ripped them up to create the pedals of the flowers. Next, they carefully blended chalk pastel to show light and shadow in the vase, pedals and stems.  What types of things do you think stand out the most in the artworks?