Monday, September 29, 2014

1st grade Scarecrow Portraits

First grade artists are practicing their knowledge of portraits by looking at a fall scarecrow! We colored them using fall colors and then added straw and buttons to make it into a textured collage.

4th Grade Edgar Degas and Figure Drawing

4th grade artists are learning about the art of Edgar Degas and how he did a lot of figure drawing. We are studying how to draw proportions of the human body correctly and to scale using mannequins and even real models! Students drew their own figures and are coloring around them using their choice of patterned color schemes.

Kindergarten "Pete the Cat" & Primary Colors

Kindergarten artists read the book "Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons." We used our skills at finding shapes to help us draw Pete then learned about Primary colors when we colored him.

You can also see the book's video and song here on youtube: We had fun dancing and singing along!

3rd Grade "Action Jackson"

3rd grade artists are learning about the Abstract Action Paintings of the artist Jackson Pollock! We created our own "action" paintings by blowing paint with straws (instead of throwing paint around our classroom like Jackson did). We also learned a bit about Jackson's life and work and reviewed rainbow order in our art.

On the back of our artwork, we add our "cheat sheet" or Art Critique where we can go to help us explain to our parents what we were learning about. It is also a great summative evaluation of our learning:

Here are a couple of books we read with some classes about the life and work of Action Jackson:

We also watched this youtube clip about Jackson while coloring:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Around our classroom...

Some of the topics of our art curriculum, the "building blocks" of good art: color families, the art elements

This is where each grade's learning goals are posted. This way, there is no guessing about what we are supposed to be learning about!

The "WHEEL OF ART!" A great tool to manage the volume in our classroom

Behavior Management Stoplight system if we need it

This year's cultural focus is the art of Mexico and South America!

In case you were wondering... "Why do we learn about art anyway?"

One of our Reward systems... The "Free Art Day Board!" 

Why art? Let us tell you.... :)

Each day, a different table has a different job in our class

The most important part of the art room. RESPECT yourself, RESPECT others, and RESPECT your school (property and such)

When I grow up, I want to be a........

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jamestown Elementary: "Reaching our unique growth potential"


As always, this year on the first day of school, we began with an all school project that every grade level participated in. We created a mural of a tree where each student contributed their own uniquely patterned leaf to the branches. 

Our theme as a staff this year is: Jamestown Elementary: "Reaching our unique growth potential." 
As a tree grows, we grow each day, and we are all unique (just like our leaves). Our goal is to do our best and to reach our unique growth potential.

Square 1 Art!!!

Our students are so excited about having the opportunity to participate in Square 1 Art again this year! It is a program where each child designs a square artwork, sends it to the Square 1 Art company, and then this company prints each child's work onto a whole sheet of professional looking stickers with that child's art on it! The best part is that EVERY child receives these stickers for FREE!

When these stickers come home, they will be accompanied by an order form. Families have the option of ordering other wonderful products with your child's artwork on it. These products make shopping for Grandmas, Grandpas, Moms and Dads easy! With the holidays coming up, it feels good to know that you could have a few things crossed off the shopping list already.

Proceeds of this fundraiser go to making our art program here at Jamestown even more amazing. Thank you for your support!

Check out some of the wonderful products that are available at the Square 1 website below:

Some Kindergarten Square 1 Art:

1st grade Square 1 Art:

2nd Grade Square 1 Art:

3rd Grade Square 1 Art

4th Grade Square 1 Art

5th Grade Square One art:

Some 4th grade artworks and their artists: