Thursday, December 6, 2012

3rd Grade Aboriginal Boomerangs

3rd Grade artists have been working on their 2nd Aboriginal art project for this year's cultural study of Australia. They were so excited to get to utilize form in their artwork while shaping and designing their own Boomerang! One of our student's father brought a real boomerang back from Australia and we had a little show and tell!

2nd Grade Da Vinci Invented Robots

2nd graders studied the life and art of Leonardo Da Vinci! They learned that he was practically a genius  in all the amazing inventions that he had and art that he created. We studio The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.  In addition to being an amazing realistic painter, he drew in his sketchbook the first helicopter, tank and even a robot well before these were even created!

After studying the robot invention, 2nd graders created their own robots and used random gadgets to do some printmaking in the frame!

4th grade Mary Cassatt Self Portraits

4th grade artists have been busy studying the life and art of the Impressionist named Mary Cassatt. The learned about how she loved to paint children doing everyday things in a style that was new for her time. We created self-portraits on a piece of scrap lamination and laid it over a painted background.