Thursday, February 26, 2015

1st grade Princess and the Pea

First grade artists thought about the differences between an author and an illustrator of a book. We talked about art careers and what we could be if we wanted to grow up and be an artist. We then looked at two renditions of the book "The Princess and the Pea." One was more like the original tale and the other was more of a modern spoof on the story. The illustrators chose to do their artwork very differently. 

We noticed the different textures  of the donated fabrics that we had and glued the strips down to pile up the many mattresses for our princes and princesses. We also worked hard to blend watercolor cold paint colors in the background. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1st Grade Snoval Collages

1st Grade artists have worked hard on their Snoval collages! We used multiple materials like buttons, fabric, wallpaper scraps and other things to create these adorable snovals (oval snowmen). After reading books about snowmen, we talked about been cartoon illustrators as a art career and also reviewed our use of pattern in the scarves.

Learning Goals:
Students can identify a collage
Students can distinguish between art careers
Students know the difference between an author and an illustrator
Students can use pattern in their artworks

Michigan Art Education Association Region 9 Show!

CONGRATULATIONS to Aiva Timmer and Alyssa Pitsch for their artwork being chosen to represent Michigan's Region 9 at the district show! Each of these girls has been honored to have their work showing along with famous artists throughout history at the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum) until Feb. 28th!

Some of the artworks were shown on the main floor of the GRAM!

Some of the artworks were shown in the educational center of the GRAM!

We had an artists' reception with live music on a grand piano, drinks, and cupcakes!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kindergarten Winter Portraits

Kindergarten artists read a book about winter and snow and then we imagined ourselves out in a snow storm catching snowflakes on our tongues!

We discussed what a portrait is and used paint, cut paper, oil pastels and glue to create our own patterned portraits in the snow!

Learning Goals:
Students can distinguish between portraits and self portraits
Students can use pattern
Students can use a crayon resist in the background

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3rd Grade Architecture Collage

3rd grade artists studied the art career of architecture. We designed homes that we would like to live in and then created them as collages! We also had fun reading the book, "Iggy Peck: Architect."

Learning Goals:
Students can identify the genre of collage
Students can identify different art career choices
Students can creatively use collage materials
Students can design a residential home

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4th grade Mary Cassatt portraits

4th Grade artists watched a movie about the life and art of Mary Cassatt. Then we used our own photos to cut in half. One side of our artwork is our photo and the other is the side we drew. We practiced our skills of proportions and shading.

Learning Goals:
Students can recognize the art of Mary Cassatt
Students can draw half of a face using correct proportions
Students can create a value scale with pencil
Students can use shading techniques to create value
Students can create a uniquely patterned frame

Five Exemplary Artists Chosen to Represent Jamestown Elementary at the MAEA Show!

These five artists were chosen to represent Jamestown Elementary at the 2015 Michigan Art Education Association's Region 9 District Show. They will be judged this Saturday at Kendall College to see if any will go on to be displayed at the Grand Rapids Art Museum! We are wishing much luck to our artists. We are so very proud of them!

Monday, February 2, 2015

2nd Grade Landscapes

2nd grade artists reviewed the art genre of landscapes.  We discussed how artists show the art element  of space in many different ways including: overlapping, height on a page, how visually clear something is etc.  We also learned the vocabulary for where something is located in the space of an artwork: Foreground, Middleground, and Background. 

We painted a warm and cool colored paper. We drew trees on one and showed our understanding of space by glueing them to our background. Next, we painted the show and trunks, then used hole punchers to add snow falling, and used a little glitter glue to draw the wind!