Monday, October 3, 2016

Second Grade 3D and 2D Architecture

Second great artists had fun reading the book "Iggy Peck Architect" and then thinking about how an actual architect works. First they are hired for the job, then they are assigned a project, put into a team, brainstorm ideas, make blueprints, and finally build the building! We discussed ways that architects work in teams and brainstormed what type of skills are needed to work collaboratively.

After that, we broke up into teams to create various types of architecture with various types of building materials. We used mega blocks, Legos, Duplos, Tinker toys, wooden blocks, and Magformers magnets. Check out some of our fun sculptures! We created a cool school, a shopping mall, a castle, I'll city skyscraper, and a playground!

On day two of our project, we will be designing a two dimensional building using marker, crayons, and an old CD! Stay tuned for photos of this fun artwork!