Thursday, January 28, 2016

Second grade to Vincent van Gogh sunflowers

2nd Grade artists were introduced to the artist Vincent VanGogh. We noticed how he painted with brighter colors, showed his brushstrokes, and enjoyed painting nature. We read "Camille and the Sunflowers" and drew our own sunflowers. We made the centers of our flowers have blobs and smears just like how Van Gogh showed his brushstrokes. We also showed value in our pedals as well as in the stems and leaves by blending with oil pastels. 

On Day 2, we reviewed what we learned about Van Gogh with this diagram on the board.

Learning Goals:
I can identify the art of Vincent Van Gogh.
I can describe what makes Van Gogh's art different from very realistic art.
I can use "blobs and smears" to create a look of brushstrokes in my art.
I can show value in my sunflower.