Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Third-grade Robert Indiana

3rd graders are studying the art of Robert Indiana. They noticed how he used letters and numbers as art at a time when people did not see those things as such. We used his word love, and other words such as hope and joy in our art. We thought about the use of warm and cool colors and pattern to create these wonderful artworks! 

Learning Goals: 
I can identify the art of Robert Indiana. 
I can distinguish between warm and cool colors. I can emboss metal patterns. 
I can create block lettering like Robert Indiana.
I can create a collage. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fourth grade Mary Cassatt self portraits

Fourth-grade artists studied the portraiture of Mary Cassatt. We noticed how she was inspired by children and decided to do our own self portraits. We also focused on how to create value using only our pencil!

Learning goals:
I can discuss the life and work of Mary Cassatt.
I can identify Mary Cassatt's impressionistic art.
I can create a value scale.
I can draw my self portrait.
I can create light and shadow in my portrait.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

1st Grade James Rizzi Fun Architecture

1st grade artists are studying the fun art of James Rizzi!

Click HERE to see our James Rizzi Architecture Slide Show!

We created our own playful fantasy architecture and practiced rainbow order in our crayon resist.

First grade pattern land figure drawing

First Grade artists are enjoying the poem about Sadie and Dan from Patternland. We took an imaginary field trip to patternland and drew self-portraits! We learned about figure drawing and getting the right proportions!

Sadie-Sadie the pattern lady is the prettiest lady in town. She ties ribbons fair in her patterned hair and has flowers all over her gown. She take her socks from a polka-dot box , she puts them on pretty plaid feet. Her beautiful shoes are a number of hues that flash as she walks down the street. Her favorite bonnet has feathers upon it, and sashes that tie 'neath her chin. Her apron is darted and multiple hearted; It fastens in back with a pin. And when people meet her they happily greet her, she glows from her head to her crown. Yes, Sadie-Sadie the pattern lady is the prettiest lady in town.

Dashing Dan is a pattern man. He comes from a place called Patternland. He wears a checked coat and a tall striped hat. When he goes for a stroll with his calico cat. His pants, a spectacular sight to behold, are covered with patterns, tres-gai and quite bold. A bright shiny buckle on each shiny boot reflect the designs of his big bumbershoot. His favorite tie was a gift from his mother. It's dotted and spotted unlike any other. And the beautiful garment that covers his chest is a beautiful, sparkling polka-dot vest. So if you fancy colors of pinks, green and blue, I'll tell you a secret between me & you. That Dashing Dan is the handsomest man who lives in the village of Patternland

*This project is adapted from one found online a long time ago. Not sure where it originated. :)

2nd Grade Henna Hands from India

2nd grade artists are studying Indian art of Henna! We learned a bit about India and watched this youtube video CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

We also discussed this below slide show:

Click HERE to see the slide show we used for this lesson.

This lesson was adapted from one found on Pinterest.

Second grade Wayne Thiebaud pop art cupcakes

We watched these youtube clips to learn a bit more about Wayne Thiebaud and to experience his work!

Learning Goals:
I can discuss the life and art of Wayne Thiebaud
I can design a variety of tasty cupcakes
I can show overlapping and space in my art

This lesson was adapted from one found on Pinterest at some point! :) 

Second grade form owls with painted background

Second-grade artists look at the differences between shapes and forms. We had fun looking owls and creating these adorable I was out of model magic!

Next, we drew trees with Crayon and used blending techniques with watercolor paint for the sky background.

Learning Goals:
I can describe the differences between 2D and 3D art
I can draw a realistic tree
I can blend watercolor paints
I can use form to create a clay owl