Monday, February 2, 2015

2nd Grade Landscapes

2nd grade artists reviewed the art genre of landscapes.  We discussed how artists show the art element  of space in many different ways including: overlapping, height on a page, how visually clear something is etc.  We also learned the vocabulary for where something is located in the space of an artwork: Foreground, Middleground, and Background. 

We painted a warm and cool colored paper. We drew trees on one and showed our understanding of space by glueing them to our background. Next, we painted the show and trunks, then used hole punchers to add snow falling, and used a little glitter glue to draw the wind!

Friday, January 23, 2015

2nd Grade Candy House Architecture

2nd Grade artists discussed the various types of jobs that we could be if we grew up to be artists. One of those jobs is an architect. We had fun brainstorming about what types of yummy treats that would like for a house to be made out of if it were not made of of regular wood and brick materials. We then created unique and delicious looking candy houses!

Learning Goals
Students can list types of art careers
Students can create a unique house made of yummy treats
Students can show pattern
Students can use a horizon line
Students can use overlapping

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5th grade Hundertwasser Lollipop Trees

5th graders learned about the art of Freidrich Hundertwasser. We read some of the book, "Hundetwasser for Kids" and watched a variety of youtube videos of his work. He was a versatile artist who created architecture as well as a unique painting style. In many of his paintings, he became known for his "lollipop trees" or trees with abstract concentric circles. 

We created a colorful patterned background and used fabric and sequins to create our lollipop trees collage.

Monday, January 19, 2015

2nd grade Native American Portraits

2nd grade artists drew Native American portraits as part of our district wide Native American unit this year!  We started off by discussing what they already knew about Native Americans and then read some books and watched some youtube videos to learn more about the lives of these people.

Learning Goals:
Students can create a portrait of a Native American using correct proportions
Students can color the portrait using mostly neutral and warm colors
Students can use pictographs to create a story around the edges of the frame

5th Grade Native American Figure Drawing

As part of our district wide Native American unit this year, we are combining our 5th grade Native American studies with figure drawing in art. We reviewed what we knew already about Native Americans and added to that knowledge by reading some books and watching some youtube clips. We talked about the art genre of figure drawing and drew Native American dancers!

Learning Goals:
Students can create a figure drawing with correct proportions
Students can add detail and pattern
Students can blend warm colors in the background
Students can use pictographs to create a story in the background

1st Grade: James Rizzi Buildings

Learning Goals:
Students can recognize the art of James Rizzi
Students can paint my buildings in Rainbow Order
Students can create Rizzi inspired buildings with silly faces and shapes
Students can show space by using overlapping with my buildings
Students can recognize the art genre of architecture

Reporting: What I learned about George Rodrigue and Jackson Pollock: Blue Dogs

One thing I learned during this project is that how to show value in our blue dog painting - Kensley 3rd Grade

One thing I learned during this project is that George Rodrigue painted the blue dog over and over in different backgrounds - Lee - 3rd Grade

One thing that I learned during this project is that George Rodrigue was inspired by his white dog Tiffany and the Loupe Garou - Abby - 3rd Grade