Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kindergarten Primary Colored Pete the Cat

Kindergarten artists have been learning about the art element of color. One of the aspects of color that they have been studying is primary color. We noticed how in one of the fun Pete the Cat books, his clothes were mostly primary colors. We used the art element of line and shape to draw our own Pete the Cats.

Monday, November 17, 2014

3rd Grade Jackson Pollock artworks

3rd Graders had a blast choosing a color family/scheme and then using watercolor paints to blow through a straw. They watched the colors mix and their finished product is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's splatter painting. We learned about his life by reading a book about him, watching a youtube video, and of course, observing and talking about his works. 

1st grade Illustrators for the book "Rainbow Fish"

1st grade artists talked about the many art professions that they could be if they wanted to grow up to be an artist. We landed on the profession of illustrator and looked at the way the illustrator in the book, "Rainbow Fish" created his illustrations. We used huge paper, markers, sponges, glue and glitter to create our own Rainbow Fish.

Jamestown Elementary Awarded as a "Blue Ribbon School!"

We are so proud to be awarded as a blue ribbon school! Check out the slide show and article at:


The reporter even snapped some photos in the art room! :)