Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SO EXCITED about Square 1 Art!!!

It's back! The much anticipated Square 1 Art program. It was loved and requested from last year and we decided to do it again! The great thing about this program is that everyone in the whole school receives a FREE set of stickers with their own unique artwork printed on them. In addition to this, everyone has the option of purchasing products with their art on it with the proceeds of the sale going toward special projects and supplies for the art room. Watch for the order forms to come home in time to purchase gifts for family for Christmas!

Kindergarten's "Senor Don Gato" Cats!!!

Kindergarten artists are studying Mexican art and culture as part of our school district's cultural focus this year! We read the book "Senor Don Gato," and watched a youtube video of the song. Then we used our eyes to find shapes and letters in the Don Gato to help us draw him!

Reporting... What I learned about El Dia De Los Muertos!!!

5th grade artists are studying Mexican and South American Art as our school district's cultural focus for this year. We learned about the Mexican holiday called, "El Dia de los Muertos" or the Day of the Dead. The name can be a little misleading. It makes us Americans think of morbid things and Halloween. However, this Mexican holiday is not at all creepy or scary. Instead, it is meant to be a way to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away already. People celebrate the lives of those who are gone with food, art and festival.

Here we are working on our own El Dia De Los Muertos creations with our skeletons doing something they enjoy or something celebratory!

Reporting.... What I learned about Mexican Mandalas and Radial Symmetry!


4th graders learned about how Mandalas have been used all over the world in many different cultures! We noticed how they are symmetrical in a special way - they have symmetry all the way around a circle, not just from one side to the other. Check out these wonderful artworks and what these artists had to say about what they learned.

A fun fact I learned about Mandalas is they do not have to have a topic. they can be abstract. (Camden 4th grade).

A fun fact I learned about Mandalas is they can be made out of colorful sand that the people back then (Native Americans) used it for a healing circle.(Emily 4th grade).

A fun fact I learned about radial symmetry is that its the same color and the same design in all 4 parts of            
mandala and native americans used them as healing circle (Nathan 4th grade)

A super cool fact I learned about MANDALAS is some are put in church windows (Brandon 4th grade)  

A fun fact I learned about Mandalas is Native Americans used them as healing circles. (Austin 4th Grade).

A fun fact that I learned about radial symmetry is that it matches all the way around in many pieces. Regular symmetry only matches from one side to another. (Rylan 4th grade)

I learned that people used Mandalas as Aztecs calendars (Bryana 4th grade)

A cool thing about mandalas is they have radial symmetry and you never know which way to hold it (Ethan D. 4th grade).

One thing I learned about mandalas is that they can be used for representing family and each other (Nolan 4th grade).