Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4th grade Egyptian necklaces

4th graders spent a lot of time studying Egyptian art.  They noticed how ancient egyptians loved jewelry, especially the kind with intricate designs and lots of beads. Some of the most popular symbols in egyptian art include the anhk (symbol of life), the scarab, and the falcon. 4th graders each created their own necklace using rolled magazines for the beads and model magic for the pendants.

3rd grade Pollock/Rodrigue Dogs

3rd grade artists studied the art of Jackson Pollock as well as George Rodrigue. They learned that Jackson Pollock was an artist who loved to splatter and spill paint onto a huge canvas. They were inspired by his artwork and created a background for their dogs.

The also looked at the art of George Rodrigue. Rodrigue was famous for his Blue Dog. They looked at the ways that he used his blue dogs to communicate in his work. Our artists created their own themed blue dogs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

4th grade Self Portraits

4th graders studied the art of Mary Cassatt. They learned about her life, how she enjoyed painting people, especially children, and how she was part of the impressionist group with other artists like Edgar Degas.

Using the grid technique, they drew their own portraits and use oil pastels to shade and blend. They turned out fantastically! Here are some artworks in progress:

Monday, February 13, 2012

2nd grade winter trees

2nd graders studied the art element of space by drawing trees that overlap. To show that some trees are further away in space, they must start higher on the page, often are smaller, and are typically overlapped by other trees.

They used tissue paper, watercolor and tempera paint, and paper punches to create their winter landscapes