Friday, January 25, 2013

2nd grade Dump Trucks

2nd Grade artists read a fiction book called "I Stink" about dump trucks and we noticed how the illustrator used primary and secondary colors in his illustrations. We drew our own dump trucks and are using primary colors to create secondary colors in our work.

4th grade Self-Portraits Mary Cassatt

4th graders have been busy studying the life and art of the Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt. They noticed how she loved to paint people doing regular things. These people often included children! We worked on drawing ourselves (as children) in a self-portrait on scrap lamination film with a watercolor background.

1st grade Monet landscape reflections

1st graders have been studying the life and artwork of the Impressionist artist Claude Monet. They noticed how he often would use water reflections in his work. He also painted with many blobs and smears. Our artists created their own Christmas Tree Reflection artworks by painting one side of the paper with tempera paint and then folding and rubbing to make a reflection on the opposite side. Then they painted the sky and water with watercolors. 

3rd Grade George Rodrigue and Jackson Pollock

3rd graders have been busy studying the lives and artworks of George Rodrigue and Jackson Pollock. They created a colorful oil pastel background with scratched designs for the background that is abstract like Pollock. Then they drew their own blue dog like Rodrigue, each dog with it's own theme.  

Kindergarten King and Queen Self-Portraits

Kindergarten artists are practicing their skills at self-portraits! We read books about kings, queens and princesses and imagined ourselves as royalty. Kids who displayed very very "royal" behavior even got to be "kings/queens of the art room" for the art period with a royal crown! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

2nd Grade Wrapping Paper Presents

2nd Graders studied the art profession of Graphic Design. They looked at how graphic artists are hired to create all kinds of designs in the world around us. Specifically, we looked at wrapping paper designs (considering the season). We then created our own stack of gifts with many styles of wrapping paper. We also reviewed color schemes like primary, secondary, cold and warm colors and used each on the presents.

4th Grade Snowmen

4th graders had fun using the art element of form. We created snowmen ornaments out of model magic. Each snowman had a personality of his/her own!

1st Grade Nutcrackers

2nd Graders learned about the way that nutcrackers were designed and created and then got to design one of their own!

5th Grade Hundertwasser Architecture

5th grade artists have studied the unique architectural forms of the Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. They noticed the organic forms in his buildings compared to the inorganic and repetitive forms in the architecture of his time. 5th graders created their own architecture with curved lines, "lollipop" trees (like Hundertwasser), and bright colors in his style.