Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1st Grade Claude Monet Frogs in Ponds

1st grade artists are learning about Impressionistic art created by Claude Monet. We watched a slide show and then used "blobs and smears" like Monet to paint our pond. Next we fead the book, "Felipe in Monet's Garden" and drew the frog using dark and light value oil pastels. Finally, we talked about the art element of form and created model magic clay flowers.  Aren't they adorable? 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Reporting.... What I learned about Self-Portrait Collage

One thing that I learned about during this project is that self-portraits can be a way to express myself - Logan D. 5th grade

One thing that I learned about during this project is how to express myself in my art projects - Emily 5th grade

One thing that I learned about during this project is how to blend colors while painting a canvas. - Rachel 5th grade

One thing that I learned about during this project is how to choose the best colors that blend well together (analogous colors)  - Tyler M. 5th grade

One thing that I learned about during this project was how to draw a good self-portrait - Aiden 5th grade

One thing that I enjoyed about this project was expressing myself - Anthony 5th Grade

One thing that I enjoyed during this project was being able to pick out things that express and describe yourself - Sean 5th grade

Friday, February 21, 2014

2nd Grade Faith Ringgold Mugs

2nd grade artists read the book, "Tar Beach." We learned about her style of art and how she became famous by adding words & narrative into her art as well as using fabric and quilting in her art. We reflected on some  of our own recent family memories (it's winter here) and drew a mug of hot chocolate. We chose a color scheme (warm, cool, primary, secondary...), painted a frame, added quilting squares, and finished 4 writing prompts on the 4 sides of our paper.

1. My favorite winter memory is...
2. I like to drink hot chocolate after...
3. Winter makes me feel...

Day 2 Instructions:

Last Day Instructions:

Monday, February 17, 2014

4th Grade Form - Castles and Architecture!

4th grade artists studied the art career of Architecture! We looked at various castle architecture throughout time and specifically the Neuschwanstein castle. We discussed the differences between shape and form and then sketched our own castle architecture. Next we took on the job of actually creating a 3D castle out of clay while thinking about textures, score, slip and seal, carving, adding clay details etc. Finally, we designed a landscape for our backgrounds!

Friday, February 14, 2014

5th Grade Form - Clay Owls!

5th grade artists have had a blast working with the art element of form.  They used model magic to create these owls (after sketching some various owl ideas). They thought about their color schemes, textures, and personalities of the owls they wanted to create. They used clay for the log that the owl is standing on! Such FUN!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5th Grade Self Portrait Collage

5th Grade artists are studying the genre of self-portraits. Using analogous colors, they painted their backgrounds (canvas board). Then after carefully studying their facial proportions, they drew their own self-portraits. Finally, they considered what types of things makes them unique and used a variety of materials in a collage to create their own fantastic artworks!

Day 3 or 4 Instructions: 

Reporting.... what 3rd Graders learned about Jim Dine and Value/Blending!

3rd Graders are learning about the art of Jim Dine! They enjoyed a slide show about his work and then designed their own heart art just in time for Valentine's Day. They thought about their color schemes, and creating value while blending in their paintings. 

What I learned about Jim Dine is that when he "chooses an object, he makes it HIS!" - Morgan, 3rd Grade

What I learned about Jim Dine was that his mom died when he was young. Maybe missing his mom made him paint hearts because they reminded him of his mom! -Ella, 3rd Grade

What I learned about how to blend light paints and dark paints into colored paint to create value! - Layne, 3rd Grade

What I learned about was that he got his ideas for painting robes when he was looking at a newspaper and saw a robe in an advertisement. He said, "That looks like ME!"  - Cody, 3rd Grade

What I learned was that he painted a robe because he thought it looked like him. The robe was empty and I think he was sad so he thought it looked like himself.  - Olivia, 3rd grade