Friday, January 31, 2014

Kindergarten Warm/Cool Jim Dine Hearts

Our kindergarten artists are learning about the artist Jim Dine just in time for Valentine's Day! Jim Dine was an artist who loved doing art with hearts! Our kindergarten artists combined heart art with learning about warm and cool colors. First we sang a song about warm and colors to the tune of Jingle Bells.

We also looked at a slide show set up for teaching about Warm and Cool Colors! 

Students had fun learning how to draw hearts and then used various kinds of lines to divide up each of their hearts.  Inside their heart was colored using only warm colors, and outside was colored using only cool colors to help the heart "stand out." WE thought about who we love and who we would want to give our fancy Jim Dine hearts to for Valentine's Day!

Download Jim Dine Slideshow - Click Here!

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