Monday, January 20, 2014

Reporting... 4th Grade Graphic Design Lettering

4th grade artists have been studying the art and career of graphic designers! We looked at how they did their lettering and chose our own word to create!

Here is a link to the slide show on Graphic Design

One thing I learned in my Graphic Design project is how you can blend paint colors - Brandon, 4th Grade

One thing I learned about Graphic Design is people don't  just make words they can make symbols. - Micah - 4th Grade

One thing I learned about in my Graphic Design project is how to overlap the letters and how to do the different designs. Alicia - 4th Grade

Simplified Day 1 Instructions:

Another Day 1 Instructions:


  1. These are great!! I've been wanting to get into some form of graphic design with my students. What did you discuss/use to open the lesson? Any examples? Thanks!

  2. We made a powerpoint about Graphic Design and a pair share on the second day where students brainstormed with a friend about a logo/graphic design/lettering of their choice. I also made "creative lettering" Packets to pass out to give them ideas about lettering. I copied these out of a "how to draw creative lettering" book. My second class (no photos yet) was much more creative with the lettering. Good luck!