Wednesday, March 16, 2016

4th Grade Koi Fish

4th grade artists are learning about the art and lives of people in Asia, particularly Japan with this project. Through our slide show, we looked at the historical significance of the Koi fish as well as how it has become a popular hobby fish for its beauty! We created our own fish with either a side view or from the top and used watercolor markers, water and salt to create the frothy water backgrounds. We thought about the art elements of (blending) color, space (overlapping) and pattern.

Click here to see our slide show.

Learning Goals:
I can identify Asian Art
I can discuss why the Koi were important to the ancient people of Japan
I can use blending, pattern and space in my art
I can use markers to create a painted effect

*This project inspired by one found on Pinterest


  1. WONDERFUL LESSONS on your blog... love your format... such dynamic lessons and thanks for these slide shows!! You should be nominated next year on the art of ed ...for art blog prizes

    1. Ha ha! :) You are sweet. I really just do our blog for our parents to keep up to date on what kids are learning about but I am so happy that others can use it also! Best wishes to you! :)