Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kindergarten Matryoshka Dolls

Kindergarten artists are studying Russia and the Matryoshka dolls as part of their Asian art unit. We watched this fun youtube clip of these Russian toys and saw how they nestle inside each other. We discussed this slide show about these dolls and also played with them while noticing their patterns! We then drew our own Matryoshkas with patterns and designed a patterned frame for them.

Check out our Slide Show about Matryoshkas here

Learning Goals:
I can recognize the art of Matryoshka dolls
I can create pattern in my work
I can describe some facts about these toys
I can draw my own Matryoshka

*This project inspired by one found on Pinterest

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  1. When you teach drawing to your students do you have them draw with you step by step or do you demonstrate drawing the image and then send to draw it independently? I have taught both ways and struggle to decide what is the best way. Your students do such a wonderful job I was curious to know how you teach them to draw!