Friday, December 11, 2015

Reporting... Fifth grade Freidrich Hundertwasser architecture

5th grade artists are learning about the life and art of the Austrian artist named Freidrich Hundertwasser. We compared how his architecture differed from other architecture of his time and considered how WWII impacted his life and work. We noticed how he preferred organic shapes instead of geometric shapes. We designed our own Hundertwasser inspired city architecture and considered our color schemes and how color can affects the finished art. 


I learned that Hundertwasser didn't like that no one could tell who lived inside a home. So in his apartment homes he would allow people to paint outside their windows. :) ~ Anna

I learned that Hundertwasser liked to have a lot of greenery. on top of his buildings. ~ Roman

I learned that Hundertwasser liked to make his houses with squiggly lines instead of straight lines because he thought that straight lines were to ordinary. ~ Ashton

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