Monday, October 19, 2015

Kindergarten Paul Klee cats

Kindergarten artists read the book inspired by Paul Klee called, "The Cat and the Bird."

We also looked at the images in the Paul Clay's book entitled, "Animal Tricks."

We talked about the art elements of line and shape and used to them to create our own Paul Klee inspired cats. We also reviewed the art elements of shapes, lines and colors. We used shapes to draw the cats, lines to create a line pattern, and cool colors to use in the background.

We used cool colors to create line patterns in the background.

We reviewed warm and cool colors by putting images with these colors into a Venn Diagram on the board.

We like to write our learning goal on the back of our artworks to share with our parents what we were learning about when we take our artwork home.

Learning Goals;
I can recognize some of Paul Klee's artwork.
I can use lines to create a line pattern.
I can find shapes in an artwork.
I can separate warm colored markers from cold colored markers.
I can create my own Klee inspired cat.

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