Monday, October 19, 2015

Fourth grade Wassily Kandinsky Abstract art

Fourth grade artists are learning about the art and life of Wassily Kandinsky.  We viewed a powerpoint about his life and art, did a "turn and tell" with a friend to review the most interesting points about his life and art, and then began our own artwork based on Kandinsky's famous artwork with concentric circles.

Students divided up their papers by folding them into eighths and then chose a shape or two to use in their concentric shape pattern.

On day two, we painted using only the primary colors in every other box. Then we mixed our own secondary colors for the remaining boxes. 

The final step of the project was to design an abstract background for our artwork. Our papers are so big that sometimes a few of us need to work on the floor!

We used a concept map on the back of our artworks to share 6 facts that we learned about Wassily Kandinsky. This helps kids to have some discussion points to talk with their families about when they take their artworks home.

Learning Goals:
I can recognize the art of Wassily Kandinsky
I can tell some facts about Kandinsky's life and art.
I can create an abstract artwork.
I can use concentric shapes.
I can mix primary colors to make secondary colors. 

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  1. This looks awesome. Thank you!

    Do you by chance have the powerpoint you used for this?