Friday, May 8, 2015

Third Grade Picasso Portraits

Image result for Pablo Picasso (Revised Edition) (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) Paperback – November 1, 2

Third grade artists are beginning to learn about the life and art of Pablo Picasso. We read "Getting the Know the World's Greatest Artists" and saw how Picasso's artistic style went from realistic, the blue period, rose period and cubism. We looked at his unique style of portraits and created one in his style. In order to get our brains thinking about portraits in such a unique way (mixed up features, some features from the front and some from the side), we played a Picasso Potato Head game where each table created a potato head with mixed up features and named it picasso style.

We used this worksheet to help us be inspired to draw our Picasso facial features.

Using the Picasso reference sheet for portraits, we drew various side and front view features on our collages.

Next step... to add painted details!

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