Friday, February 12, 2016

Fourth Grade Landscapes

Fourth Grade artists started this project by each receiving a laminated landscape and worked with a friend to find the foreground, middleground, backgrounds, and horizen lines in each piece. 

We did several sketches and then chose our best ones to transfer to the large paper. We worked hard to use lines and patterns in our work to make them interesting and unique.  

We even had a prize drawing for those of us who could get these answers correct!

The results are beautiful aren't they?

Learning Goals:

I can identify the foreground, middle ground, background and horizon line in a photo or artwork.
I can use size and overlapping to show space in my artwork.
I can use warm colors to make some things pop out and cold colors to make some thing recede.
I can use patterns in my work.


  1. Thank you for including the learning goals!

  2. WOW, These design are really help in learn, small child always looking something like this. thanks for sharing..

  3. What did you use to outline the black? I wanted to use sharpie, but I think the watercolors would cause it to bleed.

  4. What did you use for the black outlining? I wanted to use sharpie, but I think the watercolors will cause it to bleed.