Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kindergarten Cartoon Expressions - The Five Little Pumpkins

Kindergarten artists read the book "The Five Little Pumpkins" and thought about the way that each pumpkin was feeling in the story. We looked at the way the illustrator showed those feelings by the way that he drew them. We recited the book's poem and acted out those emotions so that we could see and feel what our faces were doing when we looked surprised, scared, bored, sad, and happy. We drew these expressions on each of our pumpkins.

On the back, students wrote, "Cartoon Expressions" so that they could share with mom and dad what they were learning about and some even added the poem linked below:

Learning Goals: 
I can recognize what different facial expressions look like and make them with my own face.
I can draw like an illustrator.
I can draw 5 different cartoon expressions.

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