Monday, November 30, 2015

First grade self portraits

First grade artists looked at quite a variety of portraits and noticed the differences between portraits and self-portraits. We compared and contrasted the creative differences between them. We practiced drawing portraits from the back (on the backs of our papers) and chose many models in our classroom to pose for us! We used M.C. Escher and Norman Rockwell's artworks for inspiration and looked into our own photo reflections for our self-portraits. 

Learning Goals:
* I can describe the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait
* I can draw myself from a different angle - the back!
* I can talk about why artists choose to create self portraits in different styles
* I can use pattern in my mirror


  1. this is amazing! how many art sessions did this take?

    1. I think I took three 50 min. classes but you could probably do it in 2 if you were in a rush.

  2. Can I get a little more detail on the process and order of layers? Thanks