Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5th grade Hundertwasser Lollipop Trees

5th graders learned about the art of Freidrich Hundertwasser. We read some of the book, "Hundetwasser for Kids" and watched a variety of youtube videos of his work. He was a versatile artist who created architecture as well as a unique painting style. In many of his paintings, he became known for his "lollipop trees" or trees with abstract concentric circles. 

We created a colorful patterned background and used fabric and sequins to create our lollipop trees collage.


  1. These are AWESOME!!! Did it take you 2 class periods to complete?

    ~Debbie Proctor, Jonathan Elementary, Benton, Ky

    1. Thank you! It took about four or five 50 minute class periods. I can't remember which.

  2. What type of paper do you use?

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