Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fourth grade Mary Cassatt self portraits

Fourth-grade artists studied the portraiture of Mary Cassatt. We noticed how she was inspired by children and decided to do our own self portraits. We also focused on how to create value using only our pencil!

Learning goals:
I can discuss the life and work of Mary Cassatt.
I can identify Mary Cassatt's impressionistic art.
I can create a value scale.
I can draw my self portrait.
I can create light and shadow in my portrait.


  1. I really love these as well as how proud the students are!. Was wondering if they looked at mirrors or if pics were taken and looked at those? Great job!!

    1. I took photos of them and printed them out. They cut the photo down the middle so that they could lay it over their paper and lift up one side to work on the other side while seeing the values in the first side. Also, some of them traced their facial features on the printed photograph which made an indentation on their papers for them to trace to get the general size of the facial features. This project's learning goal was mostly about value. :)

    2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!