Tuesday, December 16, 2014

4th Grade Fashion Design with Clay

4th grade artists studied various art professions that they could be if they decided to pursue art in a career. One of these jobs is a fashion designer.  We watched a news article about a 13 year old fashion designer named Cecelia Cassini. She is so young but making a big splash in the fashion design world even at her young age. Sometimes it pays off right away to follow your dreams and sometimes it takes time. We tried our hand at fashion design when we created our own sketches of various outfits, then chose our best own to craft out of clay. (art element = form).

The slideshow that I created to go along with fashion design is viewable on the below link:

The write up of the lesson plan is below:

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  1. Great Blog.
    Good to see kids learning Fashion Design.Hope Kids enjoyed it the most.
    Thank You
    Fashion Institute