Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jamestown Elementary: "Reaching our unique growth potential"


As always, this year on the first day of school, we began with an all school project that every grade level participated in. We created a mural of a tree where each student contributed their own uniquely patterned leaf to the branches. 

Our theme as a staff this year is: Jamestown Elementary: "Reaching our unique growth potential." 
As a tree grows, we grow each day, and we are all unique (just like our leaves). Our goal is to do our best and to reach our unique growth potential.


  1. What a wonderful way to explore warm and cool colors thanks for sharing.

  2. just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words!!!!!

  3. It is so great to see a connection between art and art history. The knowledge behind the project is a key component to each art lesson. I just wanted to say that I was inspired by your daily jobs poster...and will be adapting it to meet the needs of my art room! I often find myself choosing the same "helpers". Your solution lets everyone get involved. I also like the way you posted your projects objectives - it is simple yet effective.

  4. I would love to decorate my hallway with this! It looks amazing! I am talking to our art teacher about this!

    1. Great! Hope you can use it! We usually try to do a full school project each beginning of the school year. It's a good way to review the art elements also.

  5. Love this! Also, I noticed you have a behavioral visual thing on your wall in one of these pictures. The green, yellow and red circles. How exactly do you use that for having so many different classes? Do you just have that many clothes pins and keep each class in a zip lock bag? I would love to do this. Thank you.