Friday, May 2, 2014

How to set up an AWESOME Art Show!!!

First teach really great art lessons.  
It helps when you have special art teachers.

Then add really great art that our talented students made.

Bagels are good too. 
A great big room.  
Thanks to the Hudsonville City Hall for letting us use their space.

labels, some twine, hours and hours of prep are all part of it.

 Really great High School art student helpers
 Done !!
Happy art teachers.
Proud parents and honored artists. 


  1. Looks nice! How did you get the art work attached to the ceiling?

    1. There are little clear hooks that you can buy to hang from the metal strips (the ones that hold up the ceiling tiles). I'll bet there are many of these in your school. Most schools have them to hang things from the ceilings. It took two per artwork strip.

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    3. Any idea where you can get these clips from?

  2. Looks great! How exactly did you affix the twine to the back of the artwork without it slipping from the weight of all the pieces put together? What kind if twine did you use so that the pieces don't slide or spin? Thanks!

    1. We punched holes in the artwork and tied the twine through the holes. :)

    2. Thank you! One extra question. What did you do between the artworks? Also, is it one big string from top to bottom?

      I recently tried this to display artwork in two different ways and I was struggling. With one long string and no knots, the artworks slipped on top of each other. With multiple strings, I was struggling to keep everything level. Maybe I'm just a spaz though! Thank you again for your help!

    3. Thank you! Now that I've tried this, I had a few follow up questions. Did you use one long string from the top to the bottom? Did you tie the string at all between each piece of artwork?

      When I did this I struggled with the following things. If it was one big string and no knots in the middle, the artworks slipped on top of each other. With multiple strings tied together, I was having trouble keeping everything level. Maybe I'm just a spaz! Suggestions? Thanks again for your help!

    4. Yes, it is difficult to keep them level between the artworks, but we manage. It takes a little fixing, but we also get some high school helpers to help us at the show as well as we have volunteer parents tie all of our strings for us! My advice... enlist as much help as you can! :)