Friday, December 16, 2011

5th grade Hundertwasser Fantasy Houses

5th grade artsits studied the art and architecture of Freidrich Hundertwasser. They noticed the way he used organic shapes, interesting colors and no straight lines. He wanted all his building to be unique and incorporated nature into his buildings as well by growing grass and plants on the roofs and letting the trees grow right up through the roofs! He also became famous for his "lollipop trees" - trees that look like lollipops.

Check out the you tube links below to see some of Hundertwasser's work:


  1. Hi, I love the colour in this picture. I am teaching a unit on Hundertwasser to my Year 6s (10-11yrs) soon after discovering him in Vienna last year. Did you use felt tip pen for this one?

  2. We just used permanent marker for the black outlining, markers to color, and watercolor paint for the background. Thanks for checking out our blog!