Thursday, November 5, 2015

Third Grade Mini Mona Lisas

Third grade artists are studying the life and art of Leonardo Da Vinci. They are learning about one of the most famous and widely recognized portraits in the whole world... the MONA LISA! We even learned that she was so popular that she was even stolen at one point! We read the book, "Who Stole the Mona Lisa?" and learned a bit more about her history. 

After reading, we practiced drawing her portrait (and landscape background) for ourselves! We practiced various coloring techniques with colored pencils such as: blending, layering and mixing. We practiced some calligraphy when writing her name for our projects. After assembling our mini-Monas in old silver Premier jewelry boxes, early finishers were able to do an Art Challenge: We challenged them to complete a portrait on a photocopy that included only Mona's face and hands. They used their imaginations to think up a setting, fashion, and theme for their version of the Mona. 

Learning Goals: 
I can talk about and write down 6 facts about the life and art of Leonardo Da Vinci.
I can draw a portrait like Mona Lisa.
I can draw a landscapes that shows space (things get smaller as they are further away).
I can use various coloring techniques in my art.
I can do some calligraphy with Mona Lisa's name

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