Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fourth grade form pandas

Fourth grade artists are studying the art of Asia in our schoolwide Asian art unit. We looked at how pandas are the national animal of China. We enjoyed sketching these adorable pandas before talking about the differences between shape and form. We then were able to create these 3-D pandas. We read the book, "Zen shorts" and gave our pandas a little umbrella just like the panda in the book!

Click here to see our slide show!

Friday, February 12, 2016

First grade texture monsters

First graders are learning about how artists use texture. Some artists use "implied texture" by making something look like it has texture.  Some artists use "actual texture" by adding items with texture to their art. We used both in our fun monster drawings!

Learning Goals:
I can create a fun monster using lines and shapes.
I can describe the differences between implied and actual texture.
I can create implied and actual texture in my monster. 

Kindergarten Monster Truck Printmaking

Kindergarten artists learned the secondary colors song and had fun learning about primary and secondary colors. We then got excited about trucks by viewing youtube clips of the upcoming Monster Jam that is coming to Grand Rapids in a few weeks! We were shocked at how those trucks and jump and smash other old cars and how sometimes, they even flip over! They make lots of tracks in the mud and aren't too worried about getting dirty! 

We even had many giggles watching this truck video!

We drew sketches of two different trucks just like real artists do and then chose our best sketch to trace and color with secondary colors.

On the final day, we used monster truck toys and did some printmaking! We drove our wheels into some paint and printed them onto our frames!  What fun this was!!!

Fourth Grade Landscapes

Fourth Grade artists started this project by each receiving a laminated landscape and worked with a friend to find the foreground, middleground, backgrounds, and horizen lines in each piece. 

We did several sketches and then chose our best ones to transfer to the large paper. We worked hard to use lines and patterns in our work to make them interesting and unique.  

We even had a prize drawing for those of us who could get these answers correct!

The results are beautiful aren't they?

Learning Goals:

I can identify the foreground, middle ground, background and horizon line in a photo or artwork.
I can use size and overlapping to show space in my artwork.
I can use warm colors to make some things pop out and cold colors to make some thing recede.
I can use patterns in my work.

Biggby art show!!!

We were invited by Biggby to have an art show at their location featuring 25 artists. Almost all of them showed up with their friends and families to vote for and celebrate their young artist. The restaurant was so packed that it was standing room only! What a success! Kids had a marvelous time and were able to enjoy the fellowship surrounding some fabulous artwork!