Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fifth grade Georgia Okeeffe clay flowers

5th grade artists are busy studying the art and life of Georgia Okeeffe. We read a book about her and noticed how she really gets up close in her colorful pictures of flowers. We sketched flowers and designed them as zentangles! 

Next we turned 2D sketches into 3D clay projects!

Learning Goals:
I can identify the art of Georgia Okeeffe
I can describe her art and some facts about her life
I can use form to create a clay flower 
I can identify a zentangle

Second grade travel collage

2nd grade artists have been thinking about how art comes from every part of the world and looks different from different cultures and countries. We compared and contrasted art from all over by looking at a slide show, books about art and culture, and looking at various artworks. We read Dr. Seuss' book, "Oh the Places You'll Go!" and thought about where we would like to go if we could travel to see any art in the world. 

Check out our slide show by clicking HERE

We created these collages of us traveling to those places! We thought about how artists use lines to show movement and where the plane could have traveled. 

Second grade Andy Warhol self portrait collage

Second grade artists have been studying the Pop Art movement with Andy Warhol. We learned a bit about his work by watching a short youtube video (click here). We learned about his life and read the book "Uncle Andy's" which can also be found on youtube by clicking here.
Image result for uncle andy's book

We noticed how he liked to repeat images and how he copied images that were normally not considered art. We used his ideas to inspire our own pop self-portraits!

We also thought about calligraphy and graphic design by using creative lettering to design our names and qualities about us with each of our images.

On the back, we filled out our three favorite facts about Andy Warhol's life and art.

Learning Goals:
I can identify the art of Andy Warhol
I can describe Pop Art
I can show blending in my art with crayon
I can use calligraphy and creative lettering to create my own name.
I can list 3 things about Andy Warhol's life and art.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

First grade Printmaking Architecture

First grade artists compared and contrasted many different types of architecture. We then created our own paper house collages

On Day 2 of the project, we looked at how many artists have utilized prints in their art! We used stations and had students paint a piece of bubble wrap with white tempera paint. The bubble wrap was taped to a large table so that when students set their artworks on the paint, it printed a fun snow print blizzard onto our homes! 

*This project inspired by one found on Pinterest

Learning Goals:
I can identify the art genre of artchitecture.
I can create a print.
I can identify the art technique of printmaking.
I can create an architecture collage.

4th Grade Koi Fish

4th grade artists are learning about the art and lives of people in Asia, particularly Japan with this project. Through our slide show, we looked at the historical significance of the Koi fish as well as how it has become a popular hobby fish for its beauty! We created our own fish with either a side view or from the top and used watercolor markers, water and salt to create the frothy water backgrounds. We thought about the art elements of (blending) color, space (overlapping) and pattern.

Click here to see our slide show.

Learning Goals:
I can identify Asian Art
I can discuss why the Koi were important to the ancient people of Japan
I can use blending, pattern and space in my art
I can use markers to create a painted effect

*This project inspired by one found on Pinterest

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kindergarten Matryoshka Dolls

Kindergarten artists are studying Russia and the Matryoshka dolls as part of their Asian art unit. We watched this fun youtube clip of these Russian toys and saw how they nestle inside each other. We discussed this slide show about these dolls and also played with them while noticing their patterns! We then drew our own Matryoshkas with patterns and designed a patterned frame for them.

Check out our Slide Show about Matryoshkas here

Learning Goals:
I can recognize the art of Matryoshka dolls
I can create pattern in my work
I can describe some facts about these toys
I can draw my own Matryoshka

*This project inspired by one found on Pinterest