Monday, January 16, 2017

Third grade Leonardo da Vinci meets Jackson Pollock!

3rd grade artists are learning about Leonardo da Vinci and comparing his work to the work of Jackson Pollock! They learned about how da Vinci was an incredible inventor and that he was the first to create the designs for a robot! He was also an incredible realistic artist, much unlike Jackson Pollock's Splatter Art. We combined our knowledge of both to create our own robots with a splatter art background. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kindergarten line shape and pattern owls

Kindergarten artists are learning about the Art Elements. Specifically the elements of line, shape and pattern. We read books about owls and drew our own using shapes. We added pattern in the owl, the background, and the frame. 

Learning Goals: 
I can use pattern in my art.
I can distinguish between warm and cool colors.
I can see shapes in art and use them to draw my own owl

First grade rainbow fish illustrators

1st grade artists are learning about the differences between illustrators and authors, specifically in the "Rainbow Fish" series. We zoomed up on our fish so much that we don't even see the entire fish! We also talked about space and overlapping so that some weeds, sand and bubbles are in front or behind each other. We used pattern in our rainbow scales!

Learning Goals:
I can describe the difference between an illustrator and author.
I can create pattern with fish scales
I can show space using overlapping

Fifth grade Grant Wood parody

5th grade artists are learning about Grant Wood's life and work. We talked about why "American Gothic" has become so famous. We discussed how artists use parody to reference a famous work of art and change it some way to make a statement. Check out all the creative ideas our kids came up with!

Learning Goals: 
I can describe what a parody is
I can list at least 6 facts about Grant Wood's life and work.
I can create my own parody of American Gothic

CREATE collaborative upper elementary mural

Jamestown Upper 3rd-5th graders are working collaboratively on a collage mural to decorate our new classroom! What better word than "CREATE!" They are reviewing value as they cut out magazine pieces for the extra large board! We will be working on it on and off as kids finish up other projects and have extra time. We can't wait to see it completed and hanging on our wall!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Third grade snowman illustrations

3rd Grade artists read the books "Snowmen at Christmas" and thought about the art career of an illustrator. We created various snowmen characters from a "worm's eye view" in preparation for our 3D clay ornament snowmen! 
We used these snowmen sheets to help us think of ideas!

Learning Goals:
I can describe what an illustrator does
I can list some art careers.'
I can use a 2D image to create a 3D snowmen.