Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1st Grade Trip to Patternland

1st Graders took an imaginary field trip to Patternland! We listed to a poem about Sadie and Dan from Patternland and imagined what we might look like in Patternland and practiced our figure drawing with tons and tons of patterns. Take a look! :)

2nd Grade Heather Galler Folk Art

2nd Grade artists looked at the contemporary folk artist named Heather Galler,  They learned that folk artists are not trained in a traditional art school but rely on their own instincts to create their art about heir lives. We also learned about landscapes and patterns.  these artist created some fantastic landscapes based on the art of Heather Galler.

5th grade Model Magic Masks

5th grade artists thought about form and created a mask based on one of the following 3 themes: Emotion,  Nature, or Animal. After sketching out various ideas, these kids created these masterpieces!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3rd Grade Matisse vs. Picasso

3rd graders read the book "When Pigasso Met Mootisse" and compared and contrasted the styles of the 2 artists (Pablo PIcasso and Henri Matisse). In the book, the pig and moose get into a disagreement that ends in friendship and an appreciation for each other's work. We drew our own versions of Pigasso painting Matisse and Matisse painting Pigasso!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

2nd grade Matisse

2nd graders are studying the art and work of Henri Matisse. We heard the greek legend of Icarus and looked at Matisse's art of "Icarus" while relating it to what we knew of Matisse's life. We also read a book about how Matisse used cut paper shapes in his work. We created our own figure drawings trying to use correct proportions, used some cut paper for stars and created a patterned frame.

5th grade cartoon sea creatures

5th graders are studying the art career of cartoonist. They created these fun sea creature cartoons using chalk and oil pastel!

3rd Grade Roy Lichtenstein

3rd graders are studying the life and work of the artist Roy Lichtenstein. They learned that he copied other people's art by using comic strip and cartoon images as well as popular things in his own artwork. They learned that some people at the time considered him to be the worst artist in the world because of this! He would blow each image up on a huge scale and would use Benday Dots in his comic strip type work. Most of the Benday dots were primary colors.   We drew our own portraits and colored them with primary colored Benday dots and used them with a popular phrase in our school: "Fill a bucket!" (This is a phrase that reminds us to fill other people's buckets by being kind with our actions and words).

4th grade Kandinsky Abstract Art

4th graders have been studying the abstract style of Wassily Kandinsky. They learned about his condition called "synesthesia" where the senses are mixed up allowing people to "hear" colors and "see" sounds. For Kandinsky, music and art were very much connected! We listened to some music and envisioned what it might look like if we could see music. Then we used simple shapes in a grid like Kandinsky's circles to create our work with our own versions of abstract art in the frame. We also worked with mixing primary colors  to get secondary colors!

Kindergarten Rapunzels

Kindergarteners used a collage of materials to create these Rapunzel towers after reading the Grimm's fairy tale "Rapunzel." We had fun talking about the similarities and differences between the book and the popular movie "Tangled." Check out these fun towers!

2nd grade CD Aliens

2nd graders have been recycling junk materials to create new masterpieces with their CD Aliens. We looked at how entertainment designers of science fiction movies and cartoons have to really use their imaginations and creativity to create aliens and monsters. We watched a clip from the movie "Monsters Inc." that really showed a variety of creatures. We then used CDs for the heads of our own creative Aliens!

3rd grade Dancing Giraffes with Movement

3rd graders are studying movement and how cartoon artist and illustrators create the illusion of movement in their work in a variety of ways. For example, by creating movement lines, repeating a part over and over again (like a swinging tail), and by using a lot of diagonals. We read the book "Giraffes can't Dance" and looked at the ways that the artist made the animals look like they were dancing. We then painted our own dancing giraffes who are moving like crazy!

5th grade graphic design recipe cards

5th graders are studying the art profession of Graphic Design. They looked at many types of lettering and designs on many products. We all became graphic designers when we created these recipe cards that were decorated for Mother's Day. Each of them is a favorite recipe that someone special in their family makes for them. We used scrapbooking materials to create these beautiful masterpieces!

2nd Graders are studying the life and artwork of the artist Grant Wood. They learned about how his most famous artwork, American Gothic, is continually used in our culture to represent the classic hard working "regular folk" in America at that time. We went on a hunt to find this image in our everyday lives and kids were excited to report that they found this picture in SO MANY places! We then made our own drawings of the American Gothic and wrote about what we saw in this image.