Monday, May 19, 2014

5th Grade Pop Art

5th Grade Pop Art

Last week, 5th graders learned about the pop art movement and the artist Roy Lichtenstein whose art was inspired by comics. We read a book about Roy and learned how he experimented with many different kinds of art but his sense of humor and precise style of painting made him most well-known for his comic strip paintings. He would often use word bubbles and expressions that looked like something you would see in a cartoon. He used benday dots to create a pixelated style. The students were interested in the concept of pop art because it deals with themes of media and pop culture! We discussed what Roy might paint about if he was still painting today like Oreos or The Justice League! 

Final products!

2nd Grade Rousseau Jungle Collages

2nd Grade Rousseau Jungle Collages

Last week, the 2nd graders finished their jungle collages! Their artwork was inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau who loved painting jungle scenes from his imagination. We read a book about Rousseau and learned about his life and the history of his art work. During this project, we started off each every class by filling in the definition of collage on the board: "Using many art materials to create one piece of art!" The second graders were masters of collage by the end of this project as they practiced drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, and glueing to make their masterpieces!

Marisol hard at work!

1st Grade Mother's Day Portraits

1st Grade Mother's Day Portraits

Last week, 1st graders showed off their portrait drawing skills while also showing appreciation for the wonderful mothers in their lives! Students focused on understanding proportion and shape to draw the faces. Each student's artwork was unique to their own mother's features which made the final products all different and exciting! Students learned how to blend two colors of watercolor paint to make a background. They also used model magic to add a favorite necklace or pair of earrings their mother might wear. They were most excited about this part of the project!

Our beautiful mothers!

Kindergarten takes on Joan Miro

Miro Men Paintings

Last week the Kindergarteners learned about the artist Joan Miro and how he used shapes and lines to draw abstract people and animals. They were excited to make the connection to their knowledge of primary colors as Miro loves to use that color scheme in his work. Students used marker, rubbed crayon, and paint to make their own Miro Men using lines and shapes!

People and Dog in Sun by Joan Miro

Our Miro Men!

4th Grade Figure Drawing

4th Grade Figure Drawing  

The 4th graders have been learning about figure drawing and movement through studying the artist Edgar Degas. We discussed how Degas showed movement through blurry lines and color. Degas' favorite subject to paint was ballerinas because they constantly move in a graceful manner. We had a blast discussing proportions by picking models to pose on a pedestal as the rest of the class drew them! Then we used mannequins to draw their own figures in three different poses. We used a pattern of color and squiggly lines to show movement similar to Degas!

Aubrey modeling for figure drawing!

Friday, May 2, 2014

How to set up an AWESOME Art Show!!!

First teach really great art lessons.  
It helps when you have special art teachers.

Then add really great art that our talented students made.

Bagels are good too. 
A great big room.  
Thanks to the Hudsonville City Hall for letting us use their space.

labels, some twine, hours and hours of prep are all part of it.

 Really great High School art student helpers
 Done !!
Happy art teachers.
Proud parents and honored artists.