Friday, October 9, 2015

Fifth grade Grant Wood Parodies

5th grade artists had fun learning about the artwork by Grant Wood, "American Gothic." We also watched the video, "Dropping in on Grant Wood," and talked about what a parody is. We looked a large variety of ways that people have done parodies of this famous American artwork. We then researched and designed our own Grant Wood parody, and then sketched 2 different ideas on a sketch paper. After choosing our best idea, we transferred it onto a larger paper. We loved looking at each other's funny and creative ideas! 

When we colored with crayon, we made to sure to include some of the coloring techniques that we have practiced such as: blending one color into another, layering colors, and color mixing.

Check out these unique masterpieces!

On the last day, we always try to have an extension activity like an "art challenge!" For those early finishers.

Learning Goals:
I can recognize the art of Grant Wood.
I can discuss the life of Grant Wood.
I can describe what a parody is.
I can create my own parody using characters of my choice.
I can use coloring techniques such as blending, layering and mixing crayons and watercolor paints.


  1. I was wondering if you have a unit plan that you would be willing to share for this project? I would love to try this with my sixth graders at the start of next year!!!

    1. I wish I had a written up lesson plan for each project that I do! :) If I did, I would certainly share it with you. :) Best of luck on trying it with your 6th graders! :) I'm sure they will do even better than my 5th! :)